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It’s easy to be suspicious of restaurants that claim to straddle two cuisines, assuming that an establishment that can’t serve one cuisine well often branches out to another to improve their odds. But, Dragon House is not such a restaurant.

DRAGON HOUSE is an original Indian-style Chinese restaurant run by a Hakka Chinese family from India , serving the kind of Chinese food you would find in similar restaurants in Mumbai or Calcutta . The innovative menu of Chinese and Indian cuisine fused together offers a symphony of flavour with the spicy Indian touch, which appeals to the palates of most desi-wallas settled in Sydney .

Francis Li, an Indian born Chinese, was a Head Chef during the 70’s at Wanton House Chinese Restaurant in Bandra (owned by Bollywood actress Neetu Singh’s father) and the Golden Dragon Restaurant in Taj Mahal hotel, both situated in Mumbai. He then moved to Dubai and worked for the Golden Dragon Restaurant, following which he became an owner/operator of a Chinese restaurant in Sweden for nearly two decades, before moving to Sydney . Francis’ vision is to serve Indian immigrant customers in Sydney ‘s North-West, who are looking to find a ‘unique reminder of Chinese-Indian fusion cuisine found back home.’

Its not like the kind of mild spice you find in upscale fusion restaurants, but an authentic sweat releasing mayhem you can only find in a traditional home cooked meal. If you infrequent eat spicy food, so coming to Dragon House should be quite refreshing – a different spin on the type of food you will get accustomed to and will start making Masala speak Chinese.

Like the Australian–Chinese restaurant, where the food is slightly altered to suit the palate of the meat-and-three-veg crowd, Dragon House’s food has been altered for those who like it hot and the authentic taste of India .

Dragon House is an Indian Chinese Restaurant serving yummy, spicy. Szechuan style Indian Chinese cuisine. This is the kind of spicy Chinese food that you get in the Chinese restaurants in India. Items like American Chop Suey, Triple Szechuan, Hot and sour soup, Manchu soup, Chilli Paneer, Gobi Manchurian, boneless garlic ginger chicken, Chilli Chicken, Manchurian Chicken, Bombay style garlic Prawn, Lollipop chicken etc. These are some of the finger licking yummy items on the menu that you can expect and the price extremely reasonable. Not more than $50 for two persons. You can request to adjust the heat as each dish is specially made for you! You can bring your own wine/beer/liquor with you. You can order take away on phone or in person. You can book table for parties and functions. We are open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week. We have lunch specials Monday to Friday from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm. Please refer to our menu for the deals for lunch special.

Dragon House Restaurant was established in October 2007 in West Ryde. The response was very good. We received very good reviews from our customers. We had a large following of patrons. A majority of patrons wished that we establish a branch in Parramatta as being more central. Based on this popular desire of our customers we started Dragon House Restaurant at Parramatta in November 2014. The response was very good, we not only got lots of new customers but most of our patrons of West Ryde branch began to frequent the Parramatta branch. We decided to concentrate all our services in one place to give our customers the best possible service and food at our Parramatta branch (34-38 George Street) we have now closed our West Ryde branch. We request and welcome all our new and old loyal patrons to our one and only Dragon House Indian Chinese Halal Restaurant at 38-40 George Street, Parramatta 2150 NSW


Yummy, Spicy, Schzewan Style Indian Chinese Cuisine

5 of 5 starsReviewed 15 July 2014
Sounds weird, but that is exactly what it is. This is the kind spicy Chinese food that you get in the Chinese restaurants in India.
Items like American Chop Suey, Triple Schzewan, Man Chow Soup, Chilli Paneer, Gobi Manchurian, Boneless Garlic Ginger Chicken-These are the finger licking good items on the menu that you can expect. And the price, extremely reasonable. Not more than about $50 for two people. You can take your own wine with you.
Francis Lee, the Indian Chinese from Kolkata and his wife from Ooty, India, who have operated restaurants in Sweden for over 20 years are now here at West Ryde, Sydney to delight us with their offerings.
If your are an Indian, you would love their food. If any one else and if you are adventurous and would like to experiment, give this place a go and you will not be disappointed. You can request them to adjust the level of heat as each dish is specially made for you.
We were there last Saturday to celebrate my birthday with family and Love this place.