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DRAGON HOUSE is an original Indian-style Chinese restaurant run by a Hakka Chinese family from India , serving the kind of Chinese food you would find in similar restaurants in Mumbai or Calcutta . The innovative menu of Chinese and Indian cuisine fused together offers a symphony of flavour with the spicy Indian touch, which appeals to the palates of most desi-wallas settled in Sydney. We specialise in:

  • Indian-Chinese Cuisine
  • Chinese Cuisine
  • Szechuan Cuisine
  • Vegetarian Cuisine
  • Jain Food Available

The origin of Dragon House’s Cuisine was laid down in the dusty street of Bombay , where Chef Francis Li, an Indian born Chinese, was head chef of a restaurant owned by the father of Bollywood actress Neetu Singh.Sydney has an abundance of ‘ethnic’ restaurants of all kinds. The prominent ones are Chinese and Indian cuisines that fuse these two cultures together and Dragon House is one of them. We serve excellent Mumbai-style Chinese food – spicy takes on Chinese dishes blend with Indian spices and sensibility most importantly, Food is inexpensive and the ever-popular yummy Chinese khana such as Hot & Sour Soup, Fried Chilli Chicken, Szechwan Ginger Lamb, Spicy Sour fish, Masala Fried Rice, Fried Manchurian Vegetable and Stir Fried Noodles (similar to Calcutta’s Fat-Mama) which have ‘The taste that will bring you back’. We specialize in Chinese and authentic Indian Chinese cuisine, South East Asian cuisine, Szechwan cuisine and Vegetarian cuisine. Two people, 40 bucks with drinks should make you feel satisfying and value for money. Why not pop in for our delicious lunch special with choices from $8.95. Please click here for contact details and opening hours.